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6 Steps On How To Make Monster Trivia Work For Your Haunted Attraction

STEP 1: Select a Monster Trivia volume. Monster Trivia comes in 6 different volumes with 4 different trivia types; Fill In The Blank, Movie Quotes, Freeze Frames and Word Scrambles.

STEP 2: Determine a schedule and promote it. Monster Trivia can be used up to 3 times a week for maximum effectiveness. Make sure you post your Monster Trivia on the same days each week to keep your followers from getting confused. This helps build an audience and anticipation.

STEP 3: Select which Social Media Sites you want to use. Each volume contains 30 trivia puzzles designed specifically to be used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Each site can be used to promote your contest. It’s best to send your followers to Facebook to play. Facebook is the easiest to to use but don’t be afraid to incorporate the other..

STEP 4: Pick A Prize And Number Of Winners Prizes can be as simple as a FREE ticket to your attraction. If you promote that multiple winners will win tickets, more people will participate and play.

STEP 5: Post the rules to make everything clear. Rules are important and can be very simple. Make your followers LIKE or SHARE the post along with “commenting with an answer.” This is extremely effective because their friends will see the contest and want to play to win tickets.

STEP 6: Pick and announce a winner when the contest is over. Make sure to post the winner(s) name in the original trivia post. In additional to that, make a new post announcing the winner. This helps spread the word that you have weekly contests and that people actually win.

6 Steps

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