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5 Tips To Make Monster Trivia More Effective

TIP 1: Use Hashtags:  #MonsterTrivia #FREEtickets #HauntedHouse
Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. You can use your Haunted Attractions Name as a hashtag to track posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to to view massages about you.

TIP 2: Post Monster Trivia At The Right Times
1. Go to your page settings (looks like a gear), and click on “View Insights”. (Note: you must be a Page Admin.) 2. Click on the “Posts” tab, and then on the “When your Fans are Online” tab. 3. Find the best time to post on Facebook by looking for times when you have the most fans online.

Don’t re-post the trivia question. Make other posts letting people know that there is still time left to play Monster Trivia. This is great to utilize your other Social Media Site.

TIP 4: Have Your Actors And Employee Promote
Offer incentives to have your actors and employees LIKE and/or SHARE the Monster Trivia post to reach more people.

TIP 5: BOOST Your Posts.
If you find that your posts are not getting the return you want, try “Boosting the Post.” Facebook does not send all of your posts to all of your Followers. By Using the BOOST POST feature, it ensures that all your Followers will see your post and have a chance to win FREE tickets.

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